"Your comment is a progression in contradictions" - Nigerian Catholic priest fires back at man who told him to mind his business after he described the silhouette challenge as immoral

Nigerian Catholic Missionary priest, Rev. Fr. Kelvin Ugwu has fired back at one of his followers who told him to stop denigrating people who participate in the Silhouette Challenge.  Recall that Fr. Ugwu had earlier described the viral Silhouette Challenge as immoral. Read HERE  In response to the priest's post, one commenter, Frank Nna Agudiegwu said that the human body is an astonishing work of nature and Fr Ugwu has no right to dictate to people how to showcase their bodies.   Posting a screenshot of the comment, Fr. Ugwu described it as "a progression in contradictions" adding that Agudiegwu has failed to take his own advice...by minding his business.  The priest wrote; "It is because of comment like this that I usually encourage people to at least take a course in philosophy, particularly logic or epistemology. It is not wonderful that you make a comment and it is filled with contradictions," the priest wrote. Frank Nna Agudiegwu, every line in your comment is a progression in contradictions.Let me show you what I mean.~~"Why can't people mind their business?" Answer: If you start minding your business you will not have time to wonder why people cannot mind their business. Now that you cannot mind your own business, do you still want to know why people can't mind their business? The reason you cannot mind your business, might be the reason they too cannot mind their business. ~~"You have no right to dictate or denigrate anyone in whichever way they decide to showcase their bodies." Agreed, I do not have a right. But do you have a right to dictate for me what I should dictate and not dictate? Why tell me that I don't have right to dictate when you are here dictating? Can you now see that even you cannot take your own advice? ~~"Human body is an astonishing work of nature and we should be proud of it."And the way or ways to be proud of the human body is through porn videos presented as silhouette to the public? If your definition of being proud of the body by being naked online is sensible to you, why are you not taking your own advice, why are you fully clothed even in your DP with cap and even beads? Why are you not proud of your body in the same way you are suggesting to others? ~~"Those who see this as wrong or the silhouette play are terrible people hanging on religious rope." Because of our choice to see it as wrong, automatically you have judged us to be terrible people. Because of your choice to see it as right, you probably may think yourself as a wonderful person. But if we judge the "silhouette play" as wrong.And you judge us who judge it to be wrong as wrong, or in your words "terrible people," what is the difference between us? If we are terrible people because we called an action, not the human person, wrong. . . now using the same logic, what shall we call you who have judged not our actions but our persons and even condemned us as terrible people? We are hanging on religious rope, agreed!. . . Are you hanging on irreligious chain?~~"They are the ones that need help"Be sincere to yourself, who really needs help???Is it me or You that dictate for people while telling them not to dictate for others, you that to be proud of the body is to go naked online but you are fully dressed contradicting what you teach, you that have not been able to take your advice of minding your business. . . ??? Are these not enough signs of one who is confused, saying what he cannot do himself? You that will condemn the human person because he said something you don't agree with or me that will condemn the action and still respect the human person???Frank, who really needs help? Be frank to yourself and get this right. Who really needs help?The post "Your comment is a progression in contradictions" - Nigerian Catholic priest fires back at man who told him to mind his business after he described the silhouette challenge as immoral appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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