Impact of Covid-19 in education

Impact of Covid-19 in education

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Effect of Covid-19 in education, I will use Nigeria as case study. Nigerian government budget is education is not good compare to some develop countries around the world that the reason Nigerian universities suffer alot of strike that some rich and politicians send their children abroad to study. Think about this kind of country experience the outbreak of Covid-19. It’s very difficult to imagine.

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In one year Nigerian union strike can cause 2months or 3 months for students to sit at home but due to the outbreak of Covid-19 the country whole in total Lockdown no educational classes are conducted because the universities didn’t prepare for e-learning method. Many students in Nigeria suffer for this pandemic. It’s a greY challenges to federal government to improve the funding in education in the country.

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The long time lockdown d00ue to COVID-19 lead some youth to causing violence and protest in the country in October. As they said in schools education is the important if you want to be dependent and financially stable that is not for Nigeria.   Education also makes you wiser so that you can make your own decisions

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